About the artist


I am an Artist who believes in possibilities.

 I dream of a world where hearts are open and lead the way. My art is an expression of love for all living things, especially the ocean. I choose to follow with joy and gratitude. 

I am a joyful mermaid! 


I am recreating myself and my art.

You may know me as a clay artist. After several years of public school teaching and many, many years in clay, I am branching out and working with acrylic, watercolor, mosaic, clay, and recycled materials. I have decided to let loose have some fun! 


I love co-creation.

I love making custom art where we co-create the piece together. I love projects that involve non-profits too. I intuitively know unique ways to create what you want Or need. You can feel good too as a portion of all sales are donated to organizations dedicated to making our world a better place to live.